Want a clone of your crush? Now you can order a robotic version


Russian startup Promobot is now promoting autonomous androids — and people can order the robots to look like anyone they want.

“Everyone will now be able to order a robot with any look — for professional or personal use,” Aleksei Iuzhakov, Chairman of Promobot’s Board  member mentioned in a press release, later encouraging buyers to “think about a duplicate of Michael Jordan promoting basketball uniforms and William Shakespeare reading from his personal texts in a museum.”   One other might be “a clone of Albert Einstein for a robotic exhibition.”

Promobot’s Robo-C can’t walk, however, its neck and torso have three levels of freedom of motion, in accordance with the startup’s website description. Its face has 18 shifting components, which permit the robotic to have 600 micro-expressions, and its AI boasts 100,000 speech modules.

“The key moment in development [of Robo-C] is the digitization of personality and the creation of an individual appearance,” Promobot co-founder Oleg Kivokurtsev told CNBC. “As a result, digital immortality, which we can offer our customers.”

Promobot told CNBC it’s already taking orders for Robo-Cs and has begun constructing 4 robotic clones.

No word on the price yet but the company is taking custom orders.


Source:  Futurism

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